About Us

Hi friends - Shannon and Danielle here! We founded The Ritual Refill with hopes to create an inviting space to connect with our community and together, live more sustainably. A destination to come get inspired and leave with new rituals.



The vision existed in our minds long before we teamed up and brought it to life. We'd both drive miles away from Laguna to our favorite eco shops and decided it was time for our town to have one of it's own. Having come from years in the retail and apparel world, we've witnessed first hand the insurmountable amount of waste that's generated by consumers everyday. Growing up near the beach, we both developed a deep appreciation for the ocean and nature. We combined our love for low waste living + supporting like-minded brands with our experience +  entrepreneurial spirits and The Ritual Refill was born!
All of our refillable products are carefully selected by us. We only partner with brands who's missions we align with and do our research to ensure that no harmful ingredients are found in their products. With backgrounds in esthiology and clean skincare, we always have your best interest and optimal well-being in mind.
Whether you're a low waste pro and need a new go-to spot for all your refill essentials or you're just getting started on this journey, we're here for you. We started this business for our planet, for our future generations, for our community, for you


We're so happy you're here!