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No Tox Life

Dish Washing Sponge Cloth

Dish Washing Sponge Cloth

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6.75" x 7.5" 

An eco-friendly Nordic dish sponge cloth that will clean dishes more efficiently than a normal sponge - made with renewable, biodegradable materials.

How to use: Wet cloth (it will puff up a bit with the water) and rub it on your Dish Block, then wash dishes as you would with a normal sponge. The advantage of this product is the larger surface area, which cleans more quickly and efficiently than a smaller sponge. After washing, rinse it clean and squeeze dry, then lay to dry on a towel rack or on the edge of your counter so it can dry fully between uses.

Sanitizing instructions: Wash in the washing machine (and air dry) or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Rinse well after each use. Cellulose fibers will shrink slightly when dry.

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